Where Do We Go From Here?

Oprah hasn’t called me yet, but I wish she would. JourneySafe needs national exposure now more than ever. I know the program is effective. When CNN and E!Networks aired their JourneySafe segments, we received hundreds of emails from teens and parents wanting more information on how to bring JourneySafe to their communities.

But if Oprah isn’t on your speed-dial here’s what else you can do to help:

1. Have your company distribute the JourneySafe booklet to all employees with teen drivers, like Pepsi Bottling Group did as part of their employee health event.

2. Coordinate a JourneySafe presentation at your high school and middle schools.

3. Work with the school or district administration to get the JourneySafe program into the high school Health class curriculum or driver education class.

4. Check into your company’s philanthropy program and sell them on becoming a JourneySafe corporate sponsor. Imagine if just three of the largest hospitals in Southern California: MemorialCare, St. Joseph Health System and UCI Medical Center, became corporate sponsors how far our reach could extend.

And in the meantime if you know Oprah, have her call me to talk about JourneySafe and the national public health crisis claiming the lives of our teens: car crashes.